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Thamel Mart, operating under the DBA of Sunar Enterprises, Inc., is renowned as the leading and largest provider of Nepali handicrafts and clothing. This company excels in offering an extensive range of high-quality, authentic Nepali products, making it a top choice for those seeking unique and traditional items from Nepal.

Established in 2007, Thamel Mart is a innovative e-commerce platform. The platform is designed to enhance global trade by linking Nepali businesses of all sizes with customers worldwide. Specializing in the finest & largest Nepali handicrafts and Clothing business, Thamel Mart has become a prime destination for those seeking authentic handicraft products made in Nepal.

As the first e-commerce marketplace in Nepal focused on exports, Thamel Mart strives to connect Nepali suppliers with international buyers. The platform is dedicated to promoting sustainable practices, offering a range of handmade, eco-friendly, natural, and wellness products that align with its core mission and values.


Our vision is to elevate Nepal's export industry by becoming the leading consumer-focused global e-commerce platform for Nepalese products, ensuring they reach every corner of the world.


  • To enable seamless global trade between international buyers and Nepali sellers.
  • To offer reliable and accurate information about Nepali products and their sellers to a global audience.
  • To assist buyers and suppliers in communicating and conducting business efficiently.
  • To ensure secure payment options and escrow services for the protection of both buyers and sellers.
  • To provide clear guidelines for product preparation, packaging, shipping, and dependable service.
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